Machinart (機巧魔術(マキナート) Kikō Majutsu (Makināto)?, lit. "Machine and Magic") is a system of advanced magic, the innovative combination of magic and science, which involves running a magic circuit through an automaton and having a puppeteer control it. The revolutionary technique allowed mages to compress complex magic circles and long incantations into automata thus being able to effectively cast faster, stronger and more complicated magic arts than their traditional methods. In this era; however, Machinart is being exploited for military use as major world powers are at a frenzied state to outdo each other, stockpiling automata in an escalating arms face and as well as developing new talented puppeteers to control them, which will result for its field of education to become of national importance in just a matter of time.



Machine civilization began with the discovery of the magic circuit, Eve’s Heart, but it only then began to blossom at the beginning of the 20th century along with the remarkable development in science and technology.