1910 British Empire Map

The Great British Empire's map.

The Great British Empire ((だいえいていこく) Daieiteikoku?), or the British Empire, is the collective domain of the United Kingdom. It is composed of the United Kingdom and the territories ruled and controlled by the British monarch. The Great British Empire is the largest empire in the world and in history, spanning a quarter of the world. It is the foremost world power.


In the 16th century, England, envious of Spain and Portugal, began attempting to establish colonies in North America and the Caribbean wherefore it established private companies to administer its successes and its overseas trade which slowly formed the British Empire. In the 18th century, Great Britain's thirteen colonies in North America achieved independence from Great Britain, and after its loss of them, began establishing colonies in Australia and New Zealand. In the 19th century, the British Empire expanded further to India and Africa thus having territories in six continents of the world and becoming the leading naval and imperial power in the world.

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  • The Great British Empire was known as "the empire on which the sun never sets" at the peak of its power as the empire's territory's span across the world was so extensive that there was at least one part of its territory that was still in daylight.

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