Personal Information
Name (Japanese) フレイ

Name (Romaji) Furei

Gender Female

Age 18

Year 3rd Year

Rank 100th/1236 (Original)
99th/1236 (Former)
98th/1236 (Current)

Registration Code Silent Roar (Former)
Surround Roar (Current)


Occupation Student (Walpurgis Royal Academy of Machinart)


  • Unnamed father (Deceased)
  • Unnamed mother (Deceased)
  • Bronson (Adoptive Father)
  • Yomi (Foster Mother, Deceased)
  • Loki (Younger Brother)
  • Rabbi
  • Riviera
  • Ruby
  • Revina
  • Robin
  • Unnamed
  • Unnamed
  • Unnamed
  • Unnamed
  • Unnamed
  • Unnamed
  • Unnamed
  • Unnamed

Voice Actor Kana Asumi (Japanese)

Lindsay Seidel (English)


Light Novel Volume 2

Manga Chapter 15

Anime Episode 5

Video Game Facing "Burnt Red"

Audio Drama Drama CD (Side-A)

Frey (フレイ Furei?) is a character of the Unbreakable Machine-Doll series. She is one of the Promised Children and a puppeteer who is the eldest adoptive daughter of Bronson, the foster daughter of Yomi and the elder sister of Loki studying at the Walpurgis Royal Academy of Machinart as a third year student backed by Divine Works; her automaton is initially Rabbi only, but increased into the Garm Unit; mainly Rabbi, Riviera, Ruby, Revina and Robin and eight unnamed Garm automata. Frey is a member of the Gauntlets, originally ranking 100th, but in the Facing "Cannibal Candy" Arc, placed to the 98th seat after Felix Kingsfort and Lisette Norden's seats were vacated and then to the 99th seat after August Veyron qualified into the Rounds and in the Facing "Sword Angel" Arc, finally to the 98th seat after Loki demoted himself to the 99th seat. Her registration code is originally Silent Roar (静かなる騒音(サイレントロア) Shizukanaru Sōon (Sairento Roa)?, lit. "Silent Noise"), but she changed it into Surround Roar (多重なる騒音(サラウンドロア) Tajūnaru Sōon (Saraundo Roa)?, lit. "Multiple Noise") after her automata increased in number. Frey joined the Night Party in order to initially test the Garm Series in it for Divine Works and prove of it still being useful therefore preventing it from being disposed of by them, but after she and Loki were released from Bronson, she then continued in order to win the Wiseman's Throne to be able to restore her and Loki's heart.



In Norse mythology, two characters could be the origin of Frey's namesake:

One is Freyja, a love goddess and fertility goddess, and the goddess of magic and witches. She is also connected to warrioresses, as the chief god Odin made her the commander of the Valkyries, the Death Maidens who sweep down on battlefields to carry the most valiant warriors to Valhalla, the Viking afterlife.

The other is Freyr, Freyja's twin brother, and also a god of fertility and sex like his sister, although generally more benevolent than her, as well as the god of farming.

Both names share the same linguistic route, as they mean "lady"/"lord" respectively. Since Frey is a girl, it is more likely her name is a reference to Freyja.

Registration CodeEdit

Silent RoarEdit

Silent Roar (静かなる騒音(サイレントロア) Shizukanaru Sōon (Sairento Roa)?, lit. "Silent Noise")

Surround RoarEdit

Surround Roar (多重なる騒音(サラウンドロア) Tajūnaru Sōon (Saraundo Roa)?, lit. "Multiple Noise")





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Other AbilitiesEdit

  • Sixth Sense (第六感 Dairokkan?):



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