Disciplinary Committee
Background Information
Name (Japanese) 風紀委

Name (Romaji) Fūkī

Active Unknown

Status Active

Allegiance Walpurgis Royal Academy of Machinart

Headquarters Central Auditorium, Walpurgis Royal Academy of Machinart, Liverpool, United Kingdom

Leaders Felix Kingsfort (Former)

Light Novel Volume 1

Manga Chapter 4

Anime Episode 2

Disciplinary Committee (風紀委 Fūkī?) is a group of volunteer students in the Walpurgis Royal Academy of Machinart whose role is to be in charge of protecting and defending the public morals of the Academy, thus is an important existence inside it and therefore is treated favourably.



Disciplinary Committee is from the words, disciplinary, meaning "administering and enforcing discipline", and committee, meaning "a group of people appointed or chosen to perform a specified service or function".


Censor is from the word, censor, originally a census administrator, and later on, also an ordinary magistrate of public behaviour and morality in Ancient Rome, that comes from the Latin word, cēnsor, meaning "magistrate" or "critic", which was derived from the Latin word, cēnsēre, meaning "to recommend", "to consider" or "to assess". In modern English, the word censor means "a person who supervises the manners and morality of others". Censor is the alternate name of the Disciplinary Committee.



The Disciplinary Committee armband, bearing the Disciplinary Committee's symbol, serves as a member's identification mark. It is always worn by a member on one's arm.


The Disciplinary Committee armband is a sparkling gold trimmed army green armband that has the Disciplinary Committee's symbol, a gold trimmed navy blue pentagon, with a small red circle at its top centre part, the word [Censor], in a refined calligraphic script, woven with gold thread at its centre and a white swirl design at each of its side.


The Disciplinary Committee uniform is composed of a black peaked cap, with a gold stripe between its crown and its peak and a gold button at each of the side of its lower front part by its peak, and a flared high collared black cloak that has gold trimmed black military shoulder straps, with a gold button at each of its tips, trimmings from the collar to the part below the shoulder area, a maroon strap strapped into each side of the collar and into the first of the three holes at its top centre right part by its opening and a parallel hole at its top centre left part by its opening tied into a single ribbon at its left, with its strap dangling, enclosing it, and a blue badge, with a gold lion symbol at its centre, at its left that is worn by a member over the student formal cloak and uniform whenever one is on duty.

Known MembersEdit

Name Position
Felix Kingsfort Chairman (Former)
Lisette Norden Chairman’s Assistant (Former)
Eliza Chairman’s Assistant (Disguising as Lisette Norden, Former)
Raishin Akabane Disciplinary Committee Assistant (Temporary)

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Scene DifferentiationEdit

  • The Disciplinary Committee uniform was only shown in the light novel and in the anime.