Banned Doll (禁忌人形(バンドール) Kinki Ningyō (Bandōru)?, lit. "Taboo Doll"), or also referred to as a "living machine", is an automaton made with a living human's parts such as flesh and blood, which are contained inside of it, causing for it to be highly detailed, looking like a real living human, although the creation of an automaton with the said parts is a violation against the Code of Ethics; thus its banning and hence its name. Unlike a common automaton, since it is made with a living human's parts, it is highly autonomous, having the ability to supply itself to a certain extent and store a small amount of magic energy within itself which enables itself to move freely without entirely depending on a puppeteer. Due to a Banned Doll being a taboo, it is rarely seen even in Liverpool.




Known Banned DollsEdit

Name Magic Circuit Puppeteer
Eliza Predator
White Mist
41 other magic circuits
Felix Kingsfort
Himegumo Unknown Magnus
Hotaru Unnamed Magnus
Irori Himokagami Shouko Karyuusai
Raishin Akabane
Kagerou Unnamed Magnus
Kamakiri Unnamed Magnus
Komurasaki Yaesagumi Shouko Karyuusai
Raishin Akabane
Mitsubachi Unknown Magnus
Rabbi Sonic Frey
Revina Sonic Frey
Riviera Sonic Frey
Ruby Sonic Frey
Robin Sonic Frey
Sigmund Gram Charlotte Belew
Tamamushi Unnamed Magnus
Yaya Kongouriki Raishin Akabane
Yomi Sonic


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