Automaton (自動人形(オートマトン) Jidōningyō (Ōtomaton)?, lit. "Automated Doll") is an autonomous doll installed with one or two magic circuits. Usually, there are two magic circuits installed inside it; the magic circuit, Eve’s Heart, which enables it to have autonomous movement, intelligence and its own will, and another magic circuit, which allows it to cast a particular type of magic art. An automaton requires a puppeteer to transmit magic energy into it in order to function, and when it is damaged, it can recover faster when one is closer to it. Though it is autonomous with its own will, it can still be controlled forcibly by a puppeteer. An automaton is commonly used by a puppeteer for battles. It is highly valued and is therefore treasured by its puppeteer. A common automaton is made with mechanisms powered by oil.


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Known AutomatonsEdit

Name Classification Magic Circuit Puppeteer
Alfred Automaton Unknown Charlotte Belew
Armoured Knight Automaton Unnamed Unknown
Barefooted Girl Automaton Unnamed Unknown
Cherubim Automaton Jet Loki
Eliza Banned Doll Predator
White Mist
Felix Kingsfort
Golem Automaton Unnamed Unknown
Harpy Automaton Unnamed Unknown
Himegumo Banned Doll Unknown Magnus
Hotaru Banned Doll Unnamed Magnus
Irori Banned Doll
Jack Frost Automaton Unnamed Unknown
Kagerou Banned Doll Unknown Magnus
Kamakiri Banned Doll Unnamed Magnus
Komurasaki Banned Doll
Quadrupedal Automaton Automaton Unknown Felix Kingsfort
Lucifer Automaton Jet Bronson
Mitsubachi Banned Doll Unknown Magnus
Morning Star Wielder Automaton Unnamed
Rabbi Banned Doll Sonic Frey
Revina Banned Doll Sonic Frey
Riviera Banned Doll Sonic Frey
Robin Banned Doll Sonic Frey
Ruby Banned Doll Sonic Frey
Shin Maschinensoldat (Mark 4) Alice Bernstein
Sigmund Banned Doll Gram Charlotte Belew
Sextupedal Beast Automaton Unnamed Unknown
Snow White Automaton White Mist Lisette Norden
Tamamushi Banned Doll Unnamed Magnus
Undine Automaton Unnamed Ten Benchwarmers' Silver-haired Member
White Robed Automaton Automaton Unnamed Unknown
Witch Automaton Unnamed Ten Benchwarmers' Dark Brown-haired Member
Yaya Banned Doll
Yomi Banned Doll Sonic


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